Salatiel reveals what made him earn a spot on Beyoncé’s Album.

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Few hours after Beyonce’s The lion king album dropped singer/producer salatiel reveals to us what made him earn a spot on Queen B’s Album.

Our diversity is our strength.” He said. “We can fit anywhere, anyhow, we better grow it is what secures us a place in the nearest future.” Salatiel sala’a.

Click Here to listen to Beyonce ft Salatiel and Pharrel Williams.

What Salatiel was trying to say is the earlier we take advantage of our diversity the better…

You may ask yourself, How diverse is Cameroon/oun??

Cameroon/oun has diverse cultures made up of a mix of about 250 indigenous population and apart from being bilingual (French and English)we speak over 200 Languages.

Click here for more info on Cameroon/oun’s diversity.

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