The Entire Empire Team signs deals with Universal music Africa.

kampiiblack | June 18, 2019 | 0 | 237 INSIDER with Kampii

Hi guys,

We already know that Locko and Tenor where the first two artists to sign deals under Universal Music Africa though we have heard less from Tenor ever since he signed his deal.

Sometime today Empire Company Boss Pit Baccadi announced that the entire Empire company team made up of Himself, Mimie, Magasco, Mink’s and Charlotte Dipanda will all follow the footsteps of Locko and Tenor to sign deals with Universal Music Africa.

The deal was signed in Paris, France and the team was represented by the boss himself Pit Baccadi and Charlotte Dipanda.

We hope this is going to help the Empire team and the cameroonian music industry in general.


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