Gasha to drop 2 tracks. Hey liar and DKOG.

kampiiblack | March 27, 2019 | 0 | 237 INSIDER with Kampii , LATEST TRACKS

Hello guys, Heads up…

BadGasha is working hard on her music now morethan ever the singer who dropped the official audio for her song “Fake love” about 2 weeks ago is here again and and is coming this time around with Double fire.

Click here to Watch “Fake love

Gasha just revealed she will be dropping two tracks anytime soon Hey liar and #DKOG. DKOG will be produced by one of cameroon’s finest Sangtum A.K.A Dj.Passo.

Sorry we could not give you a date but just fasten your seat belts because these tracks will definately be worth the wait.

Click here To watch “Fake love“.


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