“I’m about to manage the biggest artist in Cameroon” Ngwane Denzel.

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Hello readers,

Remember some time back when Ngwane Denzel made a post announcing that he was no longer going to manage Blu Nation’s Tzy panchak?

Then Tzy came later and made a statement saying Ngwane Denzel was never his manager and he has a team of friends who help him grow but he does not have a manager…

Some of us thought Ngwane Denzel quit because he no longer wanted to manage artist and maybe wants to start doing something different. well no, the artist manager just made it public on his facebook profile announcing that he is about to manage the biggest artist in cameroon.

So far we have no information on who this artist is but we will bring you more juice as soon as something pops up.

Why do you think he quit being Tzy panchak’s manager? (Click the comment icon above and leave your thoughts)



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