“Wrong choice” The most anticipated and talked about movie in Cameroon at the moment.

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Wrong choice is a feature film of Great Minds Entertainment, released on 12, January 2019.

Starring: Nkongho Paul, Queen-Rose Ekambi and Terence Emeh Jr.

It’s a story which is told like no other. Full of regrets, betrayal, love, romamce. It’s a film that will keep you bonded to which ever device you’re viewing.

The movie can be viewed on DVD, and online on sango tv. With sango tv, you just need to download the app on play store…boom! You’re just a step in viewing an exceptional piece of art.

Synopsis: Ashley has to deal with the consequences of her actions when she bows to peer pressure…

Executive producer/Producer : Nkongho Paul/Terence Emeh Jr.

Written and directed by: Terence Emeh Jr.

For more info: 6 73 53 93 73, 6 71 80 38 04 and 6 71 00 04 63.

Wrong choice trailer (Official )

Happy viewing


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