Know more about finland based camer artist “Nassi B”

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Born Chesah Maih a son from the Weh Tribe located in the North-west region of Cameroon. Nassi B is an individual multitalented artist whose love for music and entertainment started way back in the early 2000’s when he was a juvenile dancer at the time what was commonly known as break dance, he performes in many school parties and events in his home city Bamenda Cameroon.

As time went by his love for rap and afro music grew stronger while listening to American rappers like Sisco, Nelly, Eminem and Nigerian artists like; Dagrin, MI, Ice Prince and lots more. Nassi B decided to express his feeling about his environment and the world in a global scale and music was the best platform to do so.

In 2013 I started recording in local studios, I have a couple of unreleased singles like; Represent Ma city, ons est ou la’, Africa wake-up, and deby release chopnoko“.

Friends respect Nassi B because of his ability to rhyme his verses and his unic rap style which involves blending pigin, english and his vanicular. Nassi B just released a new single #Sweetestgirl and is co-signed to music label DHE and is currently working on his EP #Africawakeup.

Click here to listen to “Sweetest girl”


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