Gima Jackson – First limbe Artist to hit 1M views.

Gima Jackson – First limbe Artist to hit 1M views.

Born Gima Jackson on the 7th of Feb 1994 in Buea. Gima is from a polygamous background where he is the last born of his Dad.

He is a music producer, song writer and musician under LionNation Entertainment based in Limbe but his roots lead him to Bali Nyonga(Tribe) and Gima started doing music professionally in 2015 but has been singing since he was a kid. He has couple of singles i will release consistently as time unfolds.

GimaMy first project was wizkid’s Daddy yo cover with abt 1M,5k views nw and countx. My dreams is to become a star and make much money out of it and help people too. Not forgettx God.

The Limbe based afro-pop artist and Producer Gima Jackson signed to Lion ent. Is the First Artist from Limbe to hit 1 Million views on YouTube. It’s actually 1,500,000 views and counting on 9Ja fanx YouTube channel, meanwhile on his main YouTube channel he hit just 1.1k views.

This shows howmuch we don’t support each other in the 237 music industry and howmuch talent we still have hidden and unexplored.

Click here To view his “Daddy yo cover”.




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