Ebako “I don’t listen to wack Cameroonian artist”,they keep tagging me.

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Hello readers,

Earlier today 237 rapper Ebako was interviewed on #Toridey and could not help himself but mention the fact that he does not listen to wack Cameroonian artists and these artists keep tagging him, when the artist was asked to name of few of the artists he was talking about he never spilled the beans but we know as time unfolds we sure will get to know them but if you have been tagging Ebako I’m sorry to tell you your music is Wack and he does not listen to it.

The rapper so confident in himself said “I think I am the best Cameroonian rapper” which is good because in the Ent. Industry self confidence is needed.

Thanks for reading.

Drop your thoughts about Ebako being the best Cameroonian rapper below.



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