BLAISE B x BLANCHE BAILLY unlikely a crush situation

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In the past 6hrs, Blaise B has posted two pictures of Blanche Bailly on his gram. It is unlikely a crush situation or maybe, just maybe it is.

The pics carry heart emojis and fire emoji which as we all know signify “hotness”. It was just 5hrs ago when Blaise posted this pic


with the hashtag superwoman and the emojis of love and the hotness emoji. Right under the post, you will see Ambe’s comment of same love emoji.

Just some few minutes ago, Blaise b post another hot pic of Blanche.


Ambe also commented on this one that “Goddammit

love emoji.jpg

What do you think guys? What is happening?

WHAT I THINK IS THAT one pic is cool but two are unlikely. If he just wanted to appreciate Blanche for being a strong woman and hustler, why not post a selfie?


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