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Having a deluxe house,car & a fancy wife aren’t the elementary requirements for a healthy lifestyle.A healthy lifestyle is entirely based on habit formation & a series of continuous routines.A healthy lifestyle leads to a productive & a greater life expectancy.But this doesn’t happen within a blink of an eye.The following tips should guarantee you that healthy lifestyle you always longed for.


When we talk of daily workouts & exercises I don’t mean spending an entire day in a gym or exercising for 24hours.An hour of intensive exercise should suffice & your exercises should involve a full body movement.A full body movement exercise includes jugging,biking & voluntary walks.


Eating healthy is quite tricky because we vary widely when it comes to our daily meals.A healthy meal should be one rich in vegetables,vitamins,irons,protein & healthy acids.Oily,fatty & inorganic foods should be avoided.Eating late at night shouldn’t be a habit & 3-4 square meals a day should do just fine.


Staying hydrated is key to a healthy lifestyle.A periodic or consistent intake of fluids especially water is really vital to the smooth functioning of the body system.


Hobbies are activities we are passionate about & partake in when we have a free moment so as to takeaway the stress.Let it be clear that your job can’t be your hobby even if appears to be a hobby.Your hobby should be something exclusive from your daily working environment.Hobbies do not only get your body mind & distracted for a moment but they also help reduce anxiety.


This might sound vague but it works like magic.Being mentally receptive is all about accepting outcomes as they may come be it positive & negative rather than trying to crack every possible corner for the answers of “why” & “how” all at once which may drive you to depression instead.Be practical in your every approach with regards to solving a crisis.

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