“Mic Monsta is more of a father,” says kwata Music star Besingi.

Hello readers, on today’s session of six questions with a celeb we have an upcoming rap sensation who has caught the crowds attention by rapping in his mother-tongue.

Kampiiproductions: Hello Besingi and welcome to your edition of six questions with a celeb.

Besingi: The pleasure is all mine and I have to say it’s great being here.

Kampiiproductions: it’s a pleasure meeting u too. With all that said we would love for you to tell our readers who Besingi is.

Besingi: Besingi is a rap artist under kwata music who does rap in his mother-tounge Click here to know more about Besingi.

Kampiiproductions: So please tell us, Did u ever see or imagine yourself at Kwata Music?

Besingi: Kwata Music, I started as a back-up artiste for Mic Monsta and I saw Kwata Music coming because it was an idea initiated by Mic Monsta.

Kampiiproductions: Wow, you have worked with Mic Monsta for a while now… How will u describe your relationship with Mic?

Besingi: Mic Monsta is more of a father in the music world, I also consider him as a friend, a brother and a Boss. Let’s just say I consider him as family.

Kampiiproductions: Family, wow that’s nice to hear that. Besingi if you where to choose two Camer artistes to collaborate with now who will they be and why?

Besingi: I have collaborated with Mic already but I’ll go for Kikoh, because so far he has the kind of beats I can easily relate to and we will easily have a hit track and Magasco I think because I love his journey and he has a special vibe I will like to connect to.

Kampiiproductions: Good choices. What inspires you to rap in your native tounge?

Besingi: First my love for culture does inspire me and my grand-mom who brought me up loved our mother-tounge so much and that is how I got to learn the oroko language. I do this mainly for her (to honour her).

Kampiiproductions:Touching, So if u were to rate TOP 5 rappers who will they be?

Besingi: Fifth will be Tenor, fourth Jovi, third Kikoh, second Pascal and first will be Mic Monsta.

Kampiiproductions: love your line-up Besingi. Last but not the least we want to know if there is a Miss. Besingi and if no what will a Miss. Besingi look like?

Besingi: well there is no Miss. Besingi yet, but a Miss. Besingi would have to be dark in complexion, slightly taller than Me, not too fat not too slim, she should also have perspective, be pushfull and very supportive.

Kampiiproductions: Wow, that is being very precise.

Anyways Besingi that’s all for today, thank you very much for your time and hope to see you next time.

Besingi: Thanks for having Me here and the pleasure is all mine.

That’s all for now readers hope u enjoyed reading through and keep reading.


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