Know more about “Matilda”. A star from the coast.

Know more about “Matilda”. A star from the coast.

Matilda Neunyi known by many just as Matilda is a native of Nguti, southwest of Cameroon currently based in limbe Cameroon, where she spent most of her childhood enjoying the coast.

She went on to study at Government Highschool limbe (G.H.S) and completed her highschool at Kulu Memorial, the afro-pop sensation started singing in church and other events like marriages before joining her current record label Masango Records.

The singer got the crowd’s attention in 2017 after the release of her debut single Titled “Avec Toi” produced by Akwandor, followed by “Happy Newyear” which she dropped early January 2018.

Matilda has always looked up to some big names in the game like Locko,Yemi Alade, Charlotte Dipanda and Chidima. Matilda loves singing, travelling and performing.

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