Has Askia dropped just 1 single since she joined AB Records?

Has Askia dropped just 1 single since she joined AB Records?

Cameroon female rapper Askia A.K.A Cameroon’s rap goddess based in the South West Region of Cameroon, an artist under one of Cameroon’s best label Alpha Better Records is known for her unique kinda flow.

With amazing collabos like ‘welcome 4 kwata‘ with Skidi Booy and mind blowing singles like ‘no worry me‘ and ‘Ma valeur’ the rap sensation has gained the attention of the crowd, But what is happening with Askia?

The rap artist who joined Alpha Better Records on December 2016, must have seen her signing into the label as a game changing situation, but ever since she joined the label, fans and followers don’t seem to understand why the rap goddess has released just one single ‘Ma valeur‘ since she joined the label.

Is this a business strategy or lack of inspiration? No one can tell for we do not know the terms of her contract with the label. Though she always has her cool verses in Alpha Better Record songs like ‘QQNPM’ or ‘Higher Higher’ this does not mean that she is being productive, fans see your level of productivity in your solo tracks.

Do not get me wrong, I am a huge fan of her songs and all I hope for is that Askia and her Boss Salatiel Will find a way to remedy this situation.





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  1. Trapkeng

    I have been a fan of ASKIA since i was in my primary school days,she deserves some accolades

    1. kampiiblack

      Yes she does. But facts remain facts… If you check the date of the blog post you will realise that its nothing but what was.

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