2 Rap kings clash in one track. Anticipate “Balance” remix.

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We all know the track “Balance” Track which was released by Cameroon’s fastest rapper Ko-c but here is an interesting fact you don’t know yet…

Ko-c is currently working with one of 237 Rap kings Tenor to release the remix for his balance track.

On the past balance track rapper Ko-c did more of singing than rapping which now leaves us wondering if on this remix we will have a taste of his speedy verses or he will just stick to singing?

What we will have for sure is a slice of Tenor’s unique rap style, but I for one am hoping Tenor serves us some English lines like on his past track LVMH.

The Duo are known for thier distinctive flows and rap styles but we wait with fingers crossed that this of all songs should be a hit song.

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts on the above in the comment section below….


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