Cheating men are amazingly creative when they try to explain to their partners why they cheat. They always blame it on the woman and sometimes, they say they did it for the betterment of the relationship. Some of them when confronted minimize rationality and give funny excuses like:

  • “It’s biological, for men to love sex and have sex with as many women as they want, why should I be different?”
  • “If I got enough at home, I won’t look for it elsewhere.”
  • If my wife was nicer to me or hadn’t gained more weight, I wouldn’t have thought of going elsewhere.
  • “It was just a lap dance”.
  • “It was just sex and it will never happen again”.
  • “Am sorry”
  • I don’t love her.
  • She seduced me.

The question everybody asks is “why do men really cheat?”. Below are ten reasons which might trigger some men to cheat.

  1. OPPORTUNITY: When opportunity knocks, the zip comes down. some men don’t really have the thoughts of cheating. But they grasp the opportunity when it presents itself. They give in without thinking of the consequences it might bring to their relationship.
  2. REVENGE: Due to anger from past events, a man might cheat on his wife to revenge and want to hurt her. At this point, the man does not care if the wife finds out because the reason for infidelity is for it to be seen and known.
  3. ADDICTION: Some men are either addicted to sex or to cheating. In case their partner is absent, they just think they have to satisfy their urge and turn to look for another option.
  4. END RELATIONSHIP: Most cheating usually ends up with a breakup. To facilitate a breakup, some men cheat on their partner and they purposely do not intend to make it a secret but they still give excuses when caught.
  5. LOW SELF-ESTEEM: Self-esteem might either be negative or positive. When men cultivate low self-esteem, other people finding them attractive might mean a great deal to them. They turn to cheat to satisfy their thoughts of being important to others.
  6. IMMATURITY: Most men don’t have a lot of experience in commitment.They feel that as far as they are not caught then it’s ok to cheat. They are ignorant of the fact that their actions might hurt their partners.
  7. SELFISHNESS: Some men for no reason at all cheat on their partners. They see their vow of monogamy as a cover to their actions and turn to cheat as far as they can cover it up from the public or their partners. They just don’t care about the woman’s feelings.
  8. PEER INFLUENCE/PRESTIGE: This is very common among younger guys. Their friend’s actions turn to influence theirs and if their friends got the tendency of cheating, they will want to follow in their footsteps. Some men even go as far as cheating to win a bet or a dare.
  9. IT’S EASY: “It’s easier to cheat than to stay faithful”, some men claim. Nowadays, dating apps get men sex almost whenever, so they barely have a second thought before engaging. They, do it just because the means are there.
  10. LOVE: Men cheat sometimes with women they love. She might be his ex or someone he just met. The woman might just treat him right and he finds comfort in her rather than his partner.


These are some ten reasons I think men tend to cheat on their partners.Leave a comment below and tell me your favourite reason. Mine is the seventh. Leave your email in the footer of the blog to get more post like this one. Next post will be on what to do if your man is cheating. Leave a topic you want me to write on.

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