10 charging tricks to make your phone work better.

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Phones are the only gadget we humans find it really difficult to do without. It has literally become more than a necessity due to the Tech world we find ourselves in. 10 charging tricks to make your phone work better.

Before phones were program just to send and receive calls and messages

But today, due to the fast-growing and busy economy, these gadgets help facilitate our lifestyle due to precise apps such as GPS which help us find our way and much more.

Today I will be talking about 10 tricks you could adapt to help keep your gadget 📱last longer and maintain a healthy battery.

#1 Never let your phone go to 0%

Letting your phone go to 0% and then charging it to 100% all the time is definitely not a good option. This will only damage its internal material which can cause battery corrosion

Rather the best range to keep your phone charge at is 20%-90% if you want your phone to last longer.

#2 Forget the use of random chargers

The saying “all chargers are the same is not true”. Some adaptors may be very good but their voltage varies.

It is always advisable for you to use the original charger of your device.

Though the generic charger may seem as good as the original, the difference in voltage can cause damage to your device

Also, generic chargers don’t include any protection from power surges.

#3 Avoid charging your phones in public places

This is a habit we often do when we go out and our battery is letting us down; plugging our chargers into any USB port we see.

Well, this is not safe for the following reasons:

a. You never know if the plug is faulty or the voltage is right.

b. The port capabilities might not be powerful enough to charge your phone.

c. Your personal information might be hacked by someone through these public USB ports.

Cybercrimes are become more and more present due to advanced technology.

So if you are worried about your phone getting discharge opt for a power bank. This is very reliable and secured.

A good power bank has Amper ranging from 2.1A – 2.4A

#4 Avoid the use of charge saving apps.

Did you know that most apps in the background don’t need battery whereas battery-saving apps do?

This app ( charge saving app) does nothing but run-down battery, drain phone energy more, and aggressively shut down other apps.

The only apps which are preferable to drain your battery even in the background are GPS and background music.

So it’s advisable to restrict the background apps yourself on settings.

#5 NO to charging of phones in the car

Cars usually have less electricity than any phone actually really needs to charge.

USB ports are low powered. So your gadget might swallow up the power faster than the port can handle which ends up ruining the cable and it’s battery.

USB ports on public transportation is one of the worst ideas due to the high rate of cyber criminality. They are not to be trusted.

#6 Do not charge your overnight 🌃

This is something almost everyone is guilty of especially if you have a smart charger that turns off your phone as soon as it reaches 100%.

The trick here is as soon as the phone loses a few % the smart charger automatically turns on and this cycle won’t be broken until you wake up and unplug it. Not really smart as its name right?

This cycle repeats while you are asleep and will literally lower the life span of your battery and sometimes cause fire break out due to a faulty charging system.

So it’s a no-no to charge your phone overnight.

#7 Avoid using your phone while on charge

When you do this you kind of get your battery confused.

The apps you using during this process will grab the energy of your battery making it to top-up itself as soon as it signals some % loss.

This repeated cycle will tire the battery and shorten its life span.

Ideally, you should just turn the gadget off while charging but if that is impossible then leave the phone alone for the time being.

#8 Don’t charge your phone using a laptop

The problem with this way of charging is about current differences.

The phone may ask for less current not to damage the computer system.

So if you really need t charge your device opt for a power bank.

#9 Avoid charging your phone with its case

It is not critical but is not recommended either. The cover traps in heat making the whole charging process way less effective.

You shouldn’t leave the phone under that pillow either for the same reason.

If you are unlucky it could catch fire.

#10 Temperatures

Don’t expose your phone to direct sun rays because overheating eats up the charge as well.


If your phone still loses some % without any of the following listed above, then you have to pay attention to cybersecurity.

It could be a sign someone is spying on you using special apps.

Thanks for reading.

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Wishing you all a blessed day🤗.


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